Working to get the right stories about 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 out to the public — often, through the media — is a key component of the Strategic Communications Office, and a main focus of the Public Relations Manager’s job.

We are looking for interesting stories about students, staff and 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 as a whole. Sometimes that story may be about an event if there is an interesting angle to pitch to the media.

Often, stories we are looking for include:

  • stories that highlight themes 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 believes in, like integrative education and thriving with Baltimore

  • students, faculty or staff who are working on interesting and unique projects

  • partnerships with Baltimore agencies, nonprofits, other educational institutions and the community

  • stories that demonstrate strengths that set 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 apart from other art colleges 

The PR Manager’s job is to push out press releases and pitches to share information, and ultimately to also get stories placed in key publications. 

Sometimes, we may push out information about events, though we want to make sure we’re sharing more than event-related stories. Make sure to check out our Event Planning and Promotion page for more information about the 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 calendar, community calendars and general details about how to prepare for your event.

Here are a few recent examples of 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 stories that have gotten press placement:

  • 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 Game Lab partnership with R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center to create VR technology 
    The 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 Game Lab is partnered with the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland in order to develop virtual reality applications that will aid patients with high spinal cord injuries during their hospital recovery. This story highlights the incredible work being done by 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 students and the Game Lab, the College's focus on integrative education and what artists bring to fields like medicine and technology.  We sent out a press release for this story, and pitched to a number of publications, which garnered us in the The Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore Business Journal, The Daily Record and Baltimore.
  • “Liquidation” light installation at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    Two recent graduates from 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址’s 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 Visualization M.P.S (now 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 Data Visualization) designed a light installation for the museum after the program partnered with the USHMM for the students’ residency hackathon project. This story highlights what artists can bring to different fields, like data and technology. We sent a press release out about the story, and also pitched it directly to a number of publications, which resulted in coverage from different outlets, including: Baltimore Jewish Times, Jerusalem Post  and BmoreArt.
  • 2019 UP/Start Venture Competition
    For the past four years, members of the 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 community have turned ideas into sustainable businesses with the help of over $400,000 in seed funding through the College’s UP/Start Venture Competition, an initiative of 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址preneurship. This story taps how important entrepreneurship is to 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址, as well as the different types of work creatives can make. While we were able to secure general coverage about the event, like from The Daily Record and Baltimore, we were also able to go deeper and pitch the story of one of the winning ventures, GPG Technologies, and placed stories in Baltimore and the Baltimore Business Journal.


The easiest way to figure out if the story is good to pitch is to reach out to the team at