Posting a video of your cat in a onesie is one thing. Posting to social media about your upcoming exhibition or what you just made on a 3D printer is quite another.

This part of the toolkit offers some quick tips on effectively using social media, hashtags and all. 

Just a friendly reminder about the way social media works: People are talking about 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址, even when we aren’t. People are looking for what we offer whether we promote ourselves or not. If we’re not part of the conversation, then the rumor mill is telling our story. Let’s make sure we get the story straight.

Social Media Field Guide

Are you ready to start or revamp the social media presence for your program or department? 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址's Social Media Field Guide has everything you need including a new account checklist, best practices, content plans, report templates, and more. Not sure where to begin? Start here

Creating social media accounts for your department

When creating a new social media channel for your department, please include 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 in your description, and a link to your webpage on 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址.edu. To prevent lapses in engagement or turnover, please add 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址's social media manager as an admin.

Purposes of each platform

When posting on social media, be sure to diversify your writing tone and messaging. Here’s how we classify each channel: 

Platform Purpose/Themes Posting Frequency
Instagram Stories A mix of disposable visual content generated by students, faculty, staff and communications As needed, Monday-Friday
Instagram Crowdsourcing content from students and people who check in at 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 Daily
Facebook Storytelling, family, student, and alumni focused Daily
Twitter News, conversations 2 -3 tweets daily
LinkedIn Professional connections and announcements 2-3 posts monthly

As an academic or administrative department, we suggest posting on each platform two to three times per week, minimum. If you cannot create original content at this frequency, please contact us to work on a strategy for those accounts. 

Naming conventions and tagging

Date and time: Please use the following format for time: 1 pm, 3:30 am, and use May 6, 2018 for dates. 
Degree/Major: Name  ’18 (Major) 
President Hoi: Refer to Sammy as President Samuel Hoi

When referencing a department or the college, if space allows, include their name and handle in the tweet. 


#新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址made2018 (or graduating year)
#新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址made2022 (or incoming year) 
Tip: Avoid using more than three hashtags on Twitter. When in doubt, use #新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址made. 

Image sizes

Try to include photos and videos in every post that you share. Please refer to the Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes by Sprout Social for images sizes for each platform.

Instagram Takeovers

From time to time, 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 gives programs and departments the opportunity to take over the account for the day. Before requesting to take over the account, please make sure your content is relevant to multiple audiences, is highly visual, and has an appropriate call to action. Here are a few examples of successful takeovers. If you would like to request a takeover opportunity, please email Erin Baynham. 

Requesting Social Media Shares

Social media messaging for programs or departments are often niche specific. If you feel your content is relevant to a broader audience, please send it to Erin Baynham to share it on our official channels. This usually works best on Facebook and Twitter. 

Instagram Story Board

Instagram Stories are the perfect place to share content that is interesting and might not need a long life span. Use this social media toolkit to download Photoshop and PNG files that contain 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址’s official color palette for easy IG Story access. 


A gif is a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. Most of 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址’s gifs are quick animated images. 

新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 has an official channel on GIPHY! To use the gifs, go into any platform that allow you to insert gifs (including Instagram Stories, Facebook, text messages, etc.), then search for 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址 or 新沙巴体育投注_足球比分直播-平台*网址made. Download or insert as needed. 


Need strategy advice? Contact Erin Baynham at or x4137.